Adventurous Drink Recommendations Based On Your Go-To’s

We support all espresso and coffee lovas and can name drop the go-to drinks of our regulars as quickly as an auctioneer can get from one to one thousand. As creatures of habit, many of us stick to our go-to drinks like a security blanket (and that’s ok we’re not trying to take anything away from you sweet, Linus), but in the spirit of adventure we thought we’d recommend a few drinks that tend to hang a little farther off the grid for the next time you’re feeling spontaneous.

For the Vanilla Latte Lover

We got you. We understand the smooth love you have for the perfect vanilla latte. It’s really hard to beat. You’re not basic; you just know a good thing when you taste it and you aren’t afraid to stick to your guns!
What to try on the wild side: Next time your taste buds are ready to explore, take your vanilla latte up a notch and order a vanilla breve.
Why you’ll like it: It’s smoother than smooth. Sweet but not too sweet. Very similar to a vanilla latte but richer because we make it with half and half instead of whole milk.

For the “Black Coffee, Please”

You’re the real deal. The original troubadour. The one who orders your coffee straight up. No cream or sugar needed.
What to try on the wild side: The Americano is for you.
Why you’ll like it: It’s espresso poured into hot water and served piping hot. This is wild, but still undercover. We know you don’t want to cause a scene or risk your no frills rep. Seriously though it’s similar to coffee but has a slightly different taste that will peak your interest.

For the Mocha Maven

Let’s face it, you pretty much want dessert. 😉 And while anything mocha gets you there, we’ve got something new up our sleeve that you’re gonna have crazy cravings for.
What to try on the wild side: Introducing the Affogato
Why you’ll like it: It’s part ICE CREAM and part espresso. More literally it’s espresso poured on top of ice cream. It’s pretty much the definition of decadent.

For the One Who Wishes There was Beer

You’re the beer connoisseur who loves a good craft brew or a drink fresh off the draft. You’re looking for a coffee drink that you can equally lust after.
What to try on the wild side: The Nitro Cold Brew (Coming Very Soon)
Why you’ll like it: The Cold Brew is infused with nitrogen and resembles the look and composure of a stout beer… only it’s ice cold coffee. So instead of slowing you down this one will get you going for the day.

For the Frappe Fiend

You like to live on the light side of life and love the fluffy delight of a frappe blend. Plus you think it’s fun to say. Don’t we all? Frappay! Olé! Cue the side snap.
What to try on the wild side: Next time you feel like a mix up, upgrade your frappe by adding a shot of espresso or try a flavored iced latte instead. We also have a Birthday Cake frappe that will make you feel like it’s your day everyday!
Why you’ll like it: You’ll still get the light blend that you’ve come to love, but with the espresso twist or latte route you’ll get more of a coffee taste and the coveted caffeine that comes with it. With the Birthday Cake frappe you get to treat yo self.